Gorges du Verdon: A Family Adventure

Posted: Wednesday, 11th December 2019

Are you looking to witness one of France’s most beautiful natural wonders while experiencing the thrills of outdoor exploration? Add Gorges du Verdon to your bucket list and toss in a little adventure by considering one of the many ways to enjoy it: hiking, biking, cruising along the cliffs or rafting or kayaking on the river. Since Gorges du Verdon is just a short trip away from Rural Hotels Provence’s recommended stays, it makes the trip to this massive, 25km long canyon all the more worth it.

Gorges du Verdon is considered the “Grand Canyon of Europe,” carved by the Verdon River for over millions of years. The river snakes through Haute-Provence’s limestone plateau creating steep, plunging cliffs and gorges. The gorges are not only the centrepiece for the Verdon Natural Regional Park, but it's also a sanctuary for any bird and nature lover.

Numerous hiking trails blaze through Gorges du Verdon, including the infamous Blanc-Martel and Imbut trails.  There are trails outfitted for any level of hiker, whether you’re looking for a physically strenuous hike or a more leisurely nature walk. Tourist offices dotting along Castellane and Moustiers provide detailed maps and descriptions of over 28 hikes, so don’t forget to bring comfortable hiking shoes and binoculars!

If you’d prefer to go aquatic, consider white-water activities such as rafting, kayaking or canoeing on the Verdon River. The trips start from Castellane (April to September) and continue to different points, making it enjoyable for varying levels in your family. The canyon floors are only accessible by hiking or water sports, and it’s considered one of the best spots for white-water rafting in France.

Cycling and driving are two other ways to see Gorges du Verdon, especially during spring and autumn. If you’re ready for a long cruise, you can take a complete 140 km circuit from the village Moustiers Ste-Marie, but just be mindful of the countless hairpin curves, not to mention the plunging cliffs along the roads. This is your chance to take it slow and easy – just enjoy the scenery! From this vantage, you'll be able to visit the villages, such as Castellane, La Palud-sur-Verdon and Rougon while enjoying breathtaking, panoramic views.

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