Le Pont du Gard: An Aqueduct of Roman Genius

Posted: Friday, 4th October 2019

Aqueducts are regarded as special significance in European history. They mark masterful symbolism of the Roman Empire, touting their engineering ingenuity and ability to control massive amounts of water. Pont du Gard is among the best-preserved Roman aqueducts and the most visited ancient monument in France. If you love valuable relics of antiquity as well as engineering masterpieces, Rural Hotels Provence knows that Le Pont du Gard will not disappoint.

Standing at an astonishing 50 metres high and 490 metres wide in the heart of Avignon, Pont du Gard is the highest of all Roman aqueduct bridges and attracts well over a million visitors per year. The Romans did not restrain their creativity when constructing this aqueduct, exacting its gradient to keep the water flowing properly and gracing it with 52 perfectly hand-carved arches made of blocks that weighed over 5 tonnes apiece.

Visitors can walk across the tiers over the Gard River to see the panoramic views and ancient stones. If you purchase the Pass Aqueduct, you can walk the bridge's topmost pier where the water flowed. It is situated on a nearly 165-hectare site that has been listed with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1985. The organisation redeveloped the aqueduct in 2000, and the best views of the bridge can be seen along the Memoires de Garrigue walking trail.

The Pont du Gard Museum triggers wonderment of the Roman civilization. For the kids, Ludo offers an educational activity and play area allowing them to travel back in time to masquerade as a scholar, Roman engineer or archaeologist.

There are many different, convenient ways of getting to Le Pont du Gard, including by high-speed train, car, rail, bus or plane. Although Rural Hotels Provence can recommend and help you book modes of transport, we also suggest staying in Avignon since there is so much to see and do.

The best time to visit is dependent on your personality, as Le Pont du Gard is open year-round:

  • Spring invites Mediterranean blooms,
  • Summer attracts evening entertainment and daytime swimming in the river
  • Autumn brings vineyard colours and attractions, and
  • Winter brings solitary peace and quiet

Rural Hotels Provence suggests visiting the aqueduct around early evening. Not only is the admission cheaper, but you can watch the bridge become brilliantly illuminated against the night sky. If Le Pont du Gard sounds like an essential item on your France to-do list, contact Rural Hotels Provence for authentic local insight.

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