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With a name translated to The Blue Eyed Sardines, this beautiful little hideaway lives up to its name in uniqueness and charming lifestyle. Les Sardines aux Yeux Bleus is a 17th century home tucked away in Aigaliers, only a short distance from Uzès, Nîmes and Avignon. It is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards and has a magical medieval and contemporary rustic feel all on its own.

As a family-owned, country bed and breakfast, the owners of Les Sardines aux Yeux Bleus have succeeded in decorating the rooms, apartments and house with unmatchable and minimalistic blends of city and pastoral character. There are three rooms, affectionately called the green, blue and pink rooms that boast 30 m², private bathrooms, a patio and one to two beds.

There are three apartments available for rent, each expressing their own inviting identities. The large apartment is 75 m² with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and living room, mezzanine and a private outside area. While the small apartment is 45 m² and a beautifully-lit private outside patio. The Little House apartment may be 35 m², but it has so much charm, natural light and minimalistic beauty that you will never want to leave.

A delicious, complementary breakfast is offered every morning with pastries, fresh bread and homemade cakes and jams. Fruits are always on offer and a special diet menu upon request. Enjoy coffee, tea, dairy products and fresh-squeezed juices while lounging in the garden and petting the three friendly cats that live on the farm. For other meals, cater to yourself with local produce and foods from nearby villages after visiting the markets in Uzès and Avignon.

Other marvels and experiences to enjoy nearby are hot air balloon picnics, Roman remains in Nîmes, Van Gogh in Arles, Pont du Gard’s infamous sunset, horseback riding in Camargue and Avignon’s Papal Palace and world-renowned theatre festival.

Type B&B
Rooms 6
Pool yes
Children yes
Open April - October
Internet Yes
A/C No
Food Breakfast included in the price.
Parking Yes
Extras Peaceful and quiet, small guesthouse, animal friendly